Oh, You Like Movies? Good, I’m Reviewing!

Well, since I’ve already been watching movies like crazy this summer, I’ve decided to start writing movie reviews on my blog. Now, before you start harping on me for not being “qualified” to write a movie review, let me explain some things…

I’ve always loved movies. While you were busy watching kiddie shows that taught you how to count on your stubby little fingers, I was basking in the glory that is Disney’s Fantasia (1940). Had I not gotten my degree in English, I would have gotten it in film. If you get me going, I could talk about plot structures, cinematography, acting performances, and film scores for hours. And when I watch the Oscars, I care about more than just Best Actor and Best Actress. The point is I love movies. So just deal, bro.

Back to what I was saying…

In the last few weeks, I’ve been on a movie bender, and it’s only going to get worse. Summer is the best time for movies (next to Thanksgiving/Christmas). Production companies and their marketing teams know this, which is why we’re being bombarded with movies and trailers right now.

On the subject of my taste, I’m pretty open when it comes to genre. I can also smell an awful movie from a mile away. It’s all about who’s starring in the movie and the movie trailer. You can tell a lot about a movie by those two things. Also, let me just clear the air now: I am terrified of horror movies. I have a fairly good photographic memory. If I think of a movie, I can practically watch it in my head from start to finish. Truly, it’s a sweet gift that often saves me from my own boredom, but it’s a problem that can and usually does keep me up at night when I see horrific images. That said, there are some that I brave because I’m interested in the story or an actor’s performance.

Anyway, keep checking back for my movie reviews!

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