Bailey’s Bone List: Xena Warrior Princess Edition

Do you remember how campy and wonderful Xena: Warrior Princess was? It’s easily one of my favorite shows of the ’90s (In fact, I might go binge-watch it on Netflix now). Xena was cunning, sexy, and a total badass. And because I’m so excited that Lawless will be on S.H.I.E.L.D., I’ve decided to dedicate an entire Bone List to Xena. Enjoy!

Lucy Lawless as XenaXena Warrior PrincessLucy Lawless In Xena: Warrior Princess Photo Universal International TelevisionXena Warrior PrincessXena and Hercules KissXena Warrior Princess Lucy LawlessXena YellingLucy Lawless In XenaXena Warrior PrincessXena Warrior PrincessHercules on Xena Warrior PrincessXena Fight GIFXena and GabrielleXena and AresLucy Lawless as XenaLucy Lawless is a badassXena GIFXena OutfitsXena

And, of course, the cheesy yet awesome introduction to the show…

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