Benedict Cumberbatch, 2013

Bailey’s Bone List: New Year, New Bones

Welcome to 2014, kids. I can already tell this is going to be a great year for boneworthy celebrities. Oh, sure, there’s a new crop of hot, 20-something blondes popping up in Hollywood. But I’ve got more of an acquired taste. I like my celebs smart, talented, successful, and, of course, hot. And remember, I don’t discriminate. Age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality—they’re all bonable to me. And so I bring you the updated Bailey’s Bone List! Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: New Year, New Bones”

Hot Tom Hiddleston

Bailey’s Bone List: The Bone and the Bonable

Remember that Bone List I started in July? Well, I’ve already had some shifts in my fancy. And I think you’re going to like them. Also, since the feedback I got after posting the initial Bone List included a lot of “Why did you pick that person?” questions, I’ve decided to include brief explanations of why I’d bone these bones. Enjoy! Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: The Bone and the Bonable”