The 5 Monsters of Menstruation (with GIFs)

Periods are weird and stupid, and they do weird and stupid things to my body. Ladies, I know you feel me on this. Having a period is awful in every way possible. Your hormones are out to get you, everyone misunderstands your pain and labels you a “bitch,” and you have to deal with this shit every goddamn month until you hit menopause. Continue reading “The 5 Monsters of Menstruation (with GIFs)”

Michael Scott, The Office

Always the Interviewer, Never the Interviewee

As a writer, I conduct a lot of interviews. Most everyone I interview in person or over the phone blanks and stammers every now and then, and I know it’s because it’s really hard for them to say exactly what they want to say when they’re on the spot. I often have people tell me, “Don’t make me sound stupid,” which I find a little ridiculous considering it’s my job to make them sound good. But I get what they mean. Continue reading “Always the Interviewer, Never the Interviewee”

Walking Depression

What Walking Depression Is Like

Lately, I’ve been struggling with depression, so I feel like straight hell. I think it’s being caused by a multitude of things right now: too much stress, anxiety, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, lack of Vitamin D, no creative free time, the thought of Star Wars sequels, etc. But it’s not the kind of depression that anti-depressant commercials have stereotyped—you know, the sad, gray blob standing under a constant rain cloud, looking like it wants to kill itself. Continue reading “What Walking Depression Is Like”