Actor Oscar Isaac

Bailey’s Bone List: New Bones on the Block

It’s time for an update to Bailey’s Bone List, kids. This time, I wanted to spotlight beautiful and talented people who are currently on the rise. Some of them have been around for a while in smaller roles or in more niche films and TV shows; others are fresh faces about to make a big break. Either way, you’re going to see a lot more of them soon, so prepare to fall in love (or lust, I won’t judge). Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: New Bones on the Block”


Bailey’s Bone List: A Blue-Eyed British Bone Problem

Normally, my “Bone List” is a bit more inclusive with celebrities of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and sexualities. However, I recently noticed a “type” emerging in my collective Bone List on Pinterest—one that was confirmed by the drool coming out of my mouth when Matthew Goode appeared in The Imitation Game. I figured I should own up to it now before it’s too late. I have a blue-eyed British man problem. I mean, who doesn’t, right? But seriously, I’ve got it bad. Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: A Blue-Eyed British Bone Problem”

Bailey’s Bone List: The Older, The Boner

Have you ever noticed how certain actors and actresses hit 50 and suddenly become even more attractive? I’m sure it’s because of genetics, the confidence that comes with age, plastic surgery, trainers, and personal chefs, but seriously…how do they do it? It’s like they drink the blood of unicorns and feast on the tears of the youth. Nevertheless, I would roll out the Early Bone Special, hence my newest Bone List! Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: The Older, The Boner”

Bailey’s Bone List: Xena Warrior Princess Edition

Do you remember how campy and wonderful Xena: Warrior Princess was? It’s easily one of my favorite shows of the ’90s (In fact, I might go binge-watch it on Netflix now). Xena was cunning, sexy, and a total badass. And because I’m so excited that Lawless will be on S.H.I.E.L.D., I’ve decided to dedicate an entire Bone List to Xena. Enjoy! Continue reading “Bailey’s Bone List: Xena Warrior Princess Edition”