Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

Need For Speed Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul)’s father just passed away, and the bank has informed him that he’s going to lose his auto business, Marshall Motors. But Tobey is no ordinary mechanic and auto detailer. He’s one of the best racers in the country, according to Monarch (Michael Keaton), a web series host who also runs an underground race called De Leon. After Tobey’s rival, Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper) kills Tobey’s friend in a street race, Tobey is wrongfully accused and thrown in prison, where he waits for the day he can get revenge on Dino at Monarch’s annual De Leon. Continue reading “Need For Speed Is Exactly What You Think It Is”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Not So Honest Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Before I begin, I feel it’s important that you know that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter wasn’t just some crazy screenplay that Tim Burton found. No, it’s actually a book written by Seth Grahame-Smith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills. Besides the fact that Grahame-Smith is a total film and comic book nerd, he is also hilariously intelligent. Who else could write a bestselling novel by adding zombies to a Jane Austen book? Oh, and did I mention that these books are typically categorized as humor and comedy? If you’re wondering why I’m explaining this to you, let me ask you this… Continue reading “Not So Honest Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”