Asa Butterfield in The Space Between Us (2017)

The Space Between Us Is Dumb and Cheesy, and I’m Weirdly Into It

I totally assumed The Space Between Us was based on a YA novel when I saw the trailer. Turns out, it’s not. It’s an original screenplay and story written by Allen Loeb (Just Go with It, Collateral Beauty). And while the script might be a hot mess riddled with plot holes, convenient “get from Point A to Point B” solutions, and dated slang that feels more 2005 than 2034, I can’t bring myself to give it the hate that other reviewers have been (The movie’s at 15% on Rotten Tomatoes as of writing this). I guess what I’m saying is I’m grading on a curve since this isn’t another remake or sequel. Continue reading “The Space Between Us Is Dumb and Cheesy, and I’m Weirdly Into It”

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014 movie still

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Has a Story as Good As Its Special Effects

Ten years after hyper-intelligent chimpanzee Caesar (Andy Serkis) freed apes throughout the San Francisco area, the apes have created their own hunter-gatherer society in the Redwood forest. Meanwhile, the human population across the globe has been almost entirely wiped out by the same virus that gave Caesar and the apes their intelligence. The apes believe the humans to be long gone until a scouting party led by Malcolm (Jason Clarke) comes into contact with them. Continue reading “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Has a Story as Good As Its Special Effects”

Robocop Remake

RoboCop: A Mindless, Heartless, Action Remake

If you’re looking for a movie completely devoid of that thing that makes your heart feel things (I believe they call it “emoticons” or something like that), then RoboCop is for you. This remake of the 1987 sci-fi/action film is all about weapons, good cops vs. bad cops, explosions, and Iron Man costume concept stealing. In other words, it’s the perfect, non-sappy Valentine’s Day movie you can enjoy with your boyfriend, girlfriend, bone buddy, domestic partner, swinger couple, group of dude bros, mother, or purse full of cats! Continue reading “RoboCop: A Mindless, Heartless, Action Remake”