Movie 43

Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title

You know what’s not hilarious? Paying $9 a person for a movie that is so awful that you have to drink away the memories of just how awful it was. I will tell you right now that Movie 43 is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. The last movie I saw that was this bad was The Watch—and even THAT had a more coherent storyline than this movie.  Continue reading “Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title”

Wreck-It Ralph: An Hour and a Half of Pure Nostalgia and Arcade Tributes

I just knew this movie was going to be awesome when I first saw the trailer this summer. When Disney makes movies like this, it helps me feel less anxious about the fact that they now own Star Wars. After all, creating an animated movie based on or derived from classic arcade and video games that only adults would recognize is a bold strategy because you’re essentially widening the target demographic from just kids to kids through adults.
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