Hugh Jackman in Prisoners

Prisoners Doesn’t Live Up to Its Hype

A word of caution. Just because a trailer touts a list of actors with “Academy Award winner” or “Academy Award nominee” attributes doesn’t mean the film is going to be Oscar-worthy. In fact, it often means the production company is trying to bait unsuspecting viewers into thinking this movie is way better than it actually is. Which brings me to PrisonersContinue reading “Prisoners Doesn’t Live Up to Its Hype”

Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch

End of Watch: “Buddy Cop” Bromance

Well, for my first movie back, I chose End of Watch. Normally, I don’t go for “buddy cop” movies because they’re often extremely cheesy comedies with lame jokes and stereotypical white cop and sassy ethnic cop characters. While this movie did stick with the white cop/ethnic cop pairing, it was most definitely not a comedy. Sure, it had its comedic moments, but this was more of a dramatic thriller. When I saw the trailer, I knew this was going to be different. And by different, I mean grittier and more developed. But more about that later… Continue reading “End of Watch: “Buddy Cop” Bromance”