Jackass' Bad Grandpa

Bad Grandpa: Wait…There’s Actually a Story?

When I first heard they were making this movie, I was like, “Ugh. They’re taking a character from one of the Jackass sketches and making an entire movie around it? This won’t work.” And then the trailer came out. I laughed the first time I saw it. I laughed the second time I saw it. I laughed the fifty-eighth time I saw it. And I thought, “Okay, maybe there’s something here.” So let’s talk Bad GrandpaContinue reading “Bad Grandpa: Wait…There’s Actually a Story?”

Movie 43

Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title

You know what’s not hilarious? Paying $9 a person for a movie that is so awful that you have to drink away the memories of just how awful it was. I will tell you right now that Movie 43 is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. The last movie I saw that was this bad was The Watch—and even THAT had a more coherent storyline than this movie.  Continue reading “Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title”