Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again

Goddamnit, Beauty and the Beast is absolutely magical. Even though the live-action remake of the 1991 Disney animated classic is almost entirely a shot-for-shot retelling, it manages to give new life to an old tale. In the same vein as Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 film Cinderella—also part of Disney’s current live-action fairytale remake trend—this film makes tiny tweaks to the original fairytale to give it a slightly different, more mature feel. Ha! I say “mature feel” as if I wasn’t sitting there feeling like a little girl again and dreaming of princess gowns. Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again”

Elsa and Anna in Frozen

Disney’s Frozen Gives Me Mixed Feelings

Oh, boy. Where to start with Frozen. It’s not like Disney finally listened to complaints about the lack of diversity in its princess movies. Or stopped making stupid comments about how female characters are harder to animate because they have too many emotions. But at least they’re making a slight step in the right direction (and when I say slight step, I mean slight step. This is still a very formulaic, sell-the-merchandise-hard Disney princess movie). More on that below. Continue reading “Disney’s Frozen Gives Me Mixed Feelings”