fantastic four 2015 movie

Fantastic Four Is So Bad That It Makes Me Want to Watch the 2005 Film

After teleporting to an alternate universe where their physical forms are dangerously altered, Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Sue Storm (Kate Mara), and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) must learn to control their powers and use them to stop Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) from destroying the Earth. Continue reading “Fantastic Four Is So Bad That It Makes Me Want to Watch the 2005 Film”

johnny depp in transcendence

Transcendence Only Plays at Science and Philosophy

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) and his wife, Dr. Evelyn Caster (Rebecca Hall), are at the forefront of artificial intelligence science. After Will is shot by a member of anti-AI group RIFT, Evelyn and long-time friend Dr. Max Waters (Paul Bettany) upload Will’s consciousness into a computer. Evelyn is relieved to get her husband back, but Max worries Will has too much power. Continue reading “Transcendence Only Plays at Science and Philosophy”