Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell in The Boss

The Boss: Good Concept, Bad Execution

Melissa McCarthy has consistently played two types of characters in her movies. Either she’s a character who’s grossly undervalued by the people around her (See: Spy), or she’s a character who’s just gross for the sake of fat jokes (See: Tammy). Fortunately, The Boss gives her a new character to work with. Well, technically a new character. The idea of foul-mouthed businesswoman Michelle Darnell originated in McCarthy’s Los Angeles improv days. Continue reading “The Boss: Good Concept, Bad Execution”

Elsa and Anna in Frozen

Disney’s Frozen Gives Me Mixed Feelings

Oh, boy. Where to start with Frozen. It’s not like Disney finally listened to complaints about the lack of diversity in its princess movies. Or stopped making stupid comments about how female characters are harder to animate because they have too many emotions. But at least they’re making a slight step in the right direction (and when I say slight step, I mean slight step. This is still a very formulaic, sell-the-merchandise-hard Disney princess movie). More on that below. Continue reading “Disney’s Frozen Gives Me Mixed Feelings”

Movie 43

Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title

You know what’s not hilarious? Paying $9 a person for a movie that is so awful that you have to drink away the memories of just how awful it was. I will tell you right now that Movie 43 is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. The last movie I saw that was this bad was The Watch—and even THAT had a more coherent storyline than this movie.  Continue reading “Movie 43 is About as Funny as Its Title”