Chappie 2015

Chappie: A Die Antwoord Music Video Directed by Neill Blomkamp

In 2016, police forces in Johannesburg, South Africa, have been almost entirely replaced by droids created by weapons and technology company Tetravaal. Engineer Deon (Dev Patel) goes against the wishes of CEO Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver) to create a sentient robot and is kidnapped in the process by criminals Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi (Yolandi Visser), who plan to use Deon’s creation for heists. Continue reading “Chappie: A Die Antwoord Music Video Directed by Neill Blomkamp”

Matt Damon in Elysium

Elysium: How a Good Blockbuster Feels

Elysium is one of the few science fiction films that came out this summer that wasn’t Scientology propaganda (I’m looking at you, After Earth). I went in with high expectations and came out feeling wholly satisfied. Then again, it would be wrong not to predict a win for Neill Blomkamp (director of District 9 and protégé of Peter Jackson), who seems totally at home in the sci-fi genre. Continue reading “Elysium: How a Good Blockbuster Feels”