johnny depp in transcendence

Transcendence Only Plays at Science and Philosophy

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) and his wife, Dr. Evelyn Caster (Rebecca Hall), are at the forefront of artificial intelligence science. After Will is shot by a member of anti-AI group RIFT, Evelyn and long-time friend Dr. Max Waters (Paul Bettany) upload Will’s consciousness into a computer. Evelyn is relieved to get her husband back, but Max worries Will has too much power. Continue reading “Transcendence Only Plays at Science and Philosophy”

Eric Bana in Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit: The Movie That Thinks You’re Too Stupid to Follow the Plot

What’s more overdone right now—teen supernatural romances or terrorism-themed suspenses? There’s such an obsession with terrorism and Big Brother-like surveillance in our culture. It doesn’t help that our daily news is filled with stories about terrorist attacks around the world and new ways our governments are spying on us (in case you weren’t paranoid enough). So why do we invite reality into a domain where we go to escape reality. People like the suspense genre, sure, but how many actually like the government conspiracy theory plots? Continue reading “Closed Circuit: The Movie That Thinks You’re Too Stupid to Follow the Plot”

Iron Man 3, Tony Stark

Iron Man 3: The Prodigal Son Returns

Despite the fact that there are some awesome movies coming out this summer, I think I can say with certainty that Iron Man 3 has already proven itself to be the biggest summer blockbuster. You don’t think so? Continue reading “Iron Man 3: The Prodigal Son Returns”