Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden

Snowden Isn’t the Thrilling Biopic It Wants to Be

It’s difficult to write a review about Snowden because it’s so bland. I don’t even know how being this bland is possible for a movie with such a good pedigree. I mean, it’s directed by Oliver Stone (Any Given Sunday, Platoon). It has great actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Rhys Ifans, Nicholas Cage, and Zachary Quinto. And it’s about a public figure who, to this day, is controversial. That should make it fascinating! So why isn’t it? Continue reading “Snowden Isn’t the Thrilling Biopic It Wants to Be”

Andrew Garfield is Spiderman

Rebooting Spider-Man

A lot of you are probably wondering why Hollywood is rebooting Spider-Man when the last movie was only five years ago. Well, for one, director Sam Raimi kind of started to screw up the story, and people weren’t too happy about that. Also, Sony has to push out a new Spider-Man movie every few years, or they lose the franchise to Disney’s Marvel Studios (I believe). Hence, new Spider-Man. Continue reading “Rebooting Spider-Man”