Hot Tub Time Machine Sequel 2015

Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Don’t Waste Your Time

When Lou (Rob Corddry) is murdered by a mysterious man in the present, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) have to take him back in time using the “Hot Tub Time Machine” to prevent his murder. But instead of going back in time, the time machine jumps them forward into 2025, from whence Lou’s murderer came. Continue reading “Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Don’t Waste Your Time”

Sex Tape 2014 Movie

Sex Tape Is As Funny As It Is Sexy, Of Which It Is Neither

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) have lost the spark in their marriage after having two kids. So when they finally get a night to themselves, they decide to have sex. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well since they’re both out of shape when it comes to steamy romp sessions. After doing a few shots of tequila and coming up with a plan to create a sex tape, however, their sex life is instantly refreshed. That is, of course, until the video they recorded on Jay’s iPad syncs to every iPad he’s ever given as a gift. Continue reading “Sex Tape Is As Funny As It Is Sexy, Of Which It Is Neither”

Nicholas Hoult as R

Warm Bodies: An ’80s Rom-Com with Zombies

I feel so behind on movies right now. But who cares, right? Because it’s only those awful spring movies. Fortunately, the movie I’m about to review isn’t awful like the other movies I’ll see in the coming weeks. So let’s not waste time because I want to talk about Warm Bodies, like, now. Continue reading “Warm Bodies: An ’80s Rom-Com with Zombies”