SAG Awards

2015 SAG Nominations

Yet again, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations have arrived, and I haven’t seen a majority of the films on the list. That’s the one downside to living in Omaha. We seem to get every award-bait film at the end of December or beginning of January, so it’s a tenuous game of catch-up before the awards shows. And, of course, Golden Globe nominations come out tomorrow. So…shit’s getting real. Continue reading “2015 SAG Nominations”

2014 SAG Nominations

And just like that, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations catch me off-guard. It feels like I predicted last year’s awards yesterday. Man, does time fly! Perhaps I’m just so spaced out on this because I haven’t even had the chance to see half of the movies on this list (Most of them come out at the end of December). And holy crap, the Golden Globe nominations come out tomorrow, too. This month is about to get crazy for me. Continue reading “2014 SAG Nominations”

Recap of the 2013 SAG Awards with GIFs!

I love the Screen Actors Guild awards. It’s short, and it’s fun because it’s just actors messing around with other actors. Since there are only five categories that I predicted for this post (as I wasn’t even trying to guess the mess that is television), I’ve decided to include a few extra GIFs from the SAGs to keep you entertained and let you see who else won. Continue reading “Recap of the 2013 SAG Awards with GIFs!”