Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

Tammy Continues the “HAHA, SHE’S FAT” Shtick of Melissa McCarthy

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is a mess. After striking a deer with her car on her way to work at fast-food joint Topper Jack’s, Tammy shows up late and gets fired by her boss, Keith (Ben Falcone). When her car won’t start, she walks miles back to her house, where she finds her husband, Greg (Nat Faxon), having dinner with their next-door neighbor, Missi (Toni Collette), with whom Greg’s been having an affair. Frustrated, Tammy begs her mother, Deb (Allison Janney), to help her out, but Deb refuses. That’s when Tammy’s crazy, alcoholic grandmother, Pearl (Susan Sarandon), offers to go on a road trip with her. Together, Tammy and Pearl bond over their misfortunes in life. Continue reading “Tammy Continues the “HAHA, SHE’S FAT” Shtick of Melissa McCarthy”

Cloud Atlas movie

Cloud Atlas: Why a Good Movie Fails at the Box Office

I’ll warn you right now that this review will be longer than my usual reviews because Cloud Atlas is in need of some plot explanation and serious discussion. And I mean “serious discussion” in terms of why a movie that required a hefty budget in order to translate a book’s complicated (yet epic) plot into an equally epic film is failing at the box office. This is the relationship between Hollywood, the story, and the audience that I find interesting. Because, somewhere, this story got lost in translation between Hollywood and the audience. Continue reading “Cloud Atlas: Why a Good Movie Fails at the Box Office”