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  • Recapping My 2022 Reading List

    Recapping My 2022 Reading List

    Reading and I had a strange relationship in 2022. I started and stopped several books. I trudged through the books that I did finish, reading much slower than my usual pace (I’m normally a 100+ pages an hour kind of reader). Sometimes, I’d go weeks without reading anything. And I was weirdly embracing nonfiction way…

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  • You’re Out, Gray Subscription Tacos

    You’re Out, Gray Subscription Tacos

    Today, I’d like to share with you some lukewarm takes on things that I wish would go away for the betterment of society. Mind you, these are small potatoes compared to actual problems, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Nevertheless, somebody needs to fight these battles, so allow me to die on these hills for you.…

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  • Get Your Bag & Go Live Your Life

    Get Your Bag & Go Live Your Life

    I’m not a gambler. When I spend a weekend in Vegas, I’m more interested in gluttony than greed. I love spending money on nice dinners and drinks, but you won’t catch me playing with a machine that’s designed specifically to separate me from my hard-earned dollars. That’s bad ROI. I feel the same way about…

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  • Recapping My 2021 Reading List

    Recapping My 2021 Reading List

    Every year, I try to pick a reading list with a good mix of fiction and nonfiction because I have no idea what kind of mood I’ll be in that year. Sometimes, I lean into fiction because I need an escape. Others, I lean into nonfiction because I want to learn about things I don’t…

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  • Recapping My 2020 Reading List

    Recapping My 2020 Reading List

    One of my goals for 2020 was to read more. A few years ago, I got back into reading for pleasure after years of reading for the sole purpose of advancing my education or career (both of which destroyed the enjoyment aspect of reading for a hot minute). And in 2019, I managed to get…

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